BMW Flagship Model 635 CSI Automatic

The 6 series was introduced in 1976 and was the longest production run for a BMW design with over 86,000 produced. This particular car, in UK 635 specification, is one of 3,767 produced between  April 1982 and April 1989. It was built June 1988 and registered 1st August 1988.

The AUTOCAR road test from 20/04/1988 stats were: Top speed 135 mph, 0 to 60: 8.4 sec (Auto), Overall fuel economy was recorded as 17 MPG. They said that it was about £12,620 dearer than Jaguars XJS, was better built, better equipped and had the best engine in the business.

In 1988 it cost, £36,860.
Plus delivery, road tax & plates: £400
Anti theft lock (factory fitted): £370
Limited slip differential: £402
Heated seats: £226
Total on-the-road price: £38,258

I first fell in love with the design in 1990 but having fallen foul of the recession I could only aspire to a used Montego GT (which was leased). However, times had been very hard so I was determined to have one some day and finally bought this one in Feb. 2002. It was worth the long wait.

The first day I had it I took it to see number 2 son who hates classics but sort of likes BMs (and Bentley GT). It was quite probably the first rear wheel drive car he had driven and with the wet road and possibly some surface diesel on an industrial estate, he lost the back end coming off a roundabout. I thought I had lost my car, but he had the skill to catch it so that was a happy ending to a very happy day. The car was sold by a dealer only 2 miles from where I was born in Uxbridge and I had not been there since the early sixties.

This particular car’s build specification and options (marked with a *):

  • Colour: Lachs Silver with Black Leather
  • Supplied By: Coopers, Park Lane, London, W1
  • *Sport Front Seats *Heated with electric adjustment & drivers having memory settings; even head restraints power operated
  • Rear head restraints and blind
  • Electric Sunroof  and Air Conditioning
  • Headlamp Wash Wipe and Height Adjustment (operated from inside car) to allow for a full load
  • 8 Function On Board Computer
  • Test Panel dash mounted with 7 green lights enabling driver to check status of ; Oil level, Brake fluid level, Brake pad wear
  • Brake & Tail light faults, Coolant & Screen wash levels
  • *Anti Theft Lock with warning lamp (mounted in drivers door) this was factory fitted
  • Wide Alloys fitted with TRX metric tyres
  • Braking is Servo Assisted 11” (275mm) ventilated discs all round, ABS
  • Gearbox  4 speed  ZF Auto with electronic/hydraulic control this allows driver to select sport, economy or semi-manual lock up for slippery conditions.
  • Built on the 5 series floor pan it is 15’-7” long (3.75m.) its unladen weight is 3308 (1.5ton) or 1500 kg.



















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