The Herd Cotswolds Meetup

Who’s coming

Please edit this spreadsheet with your name, where you’re staying and what you’re participating in. If you can’t edit it, let me know and I’ll do it for you.

Saturday Daytime – bonus ride!

11am – leave St Thomas’ Church, Watchfield and ride to Oxford for street food, maybe a quick look round some of the prettier bits though it will be very busy. Usually easy to find parking on Watchfield High Street. If you’re staying in Highworth or elsewhere and want to meet up en-route, let me know and we can arrange something.

Route is here (coming back is the reverse).

Saturday Evening

Lots of people staying in The Saracen’s Head, Highworth so we’ll meet there for dinner/beer.

Sunday Daytime

9am – leave St Thomas’ Church, Watchfield. Usually easy to find parking on Watchfield High Street if you’re down for the day.

9am and a smidge – leave from Highworth. For those staying in The Saracen’s Head… turn right out of the pub and keep going, it’s only one road to Coleshill!

9.30am – It makes no sense for Highworth people to come to Watchfield, especially as there might not be enough parking. So we’ll all meet up on Coleshill green, about 4 miles from Watchfield and about 3 miles from Highworth. The green is halfway up the hill on the left hand side, by the church. Everyone will come in from direction of red arrow, then head off in direction of blue arrow.

There’s plenty of places to stop on the route, and no doubt we will. It’s going to be a very sociable ride!

Route is here.

Sunday Evening

Those who are staying nearby Sunday evening will no doubt meet up for dinner.